Founded in 2000, VERLAG PURZELBAUM can now look back on 20 years of publishing work.

Founding of the publishing house in 2000

After the publisher Alexander Jekic had published his compositions and arrangements for 12 years in various publishing houses, he decided in 2000 to found his own publishing house. This was the starting signal for the publishing house Purzelbaum.

The years 2000 to 2020

During this period, there was a great development in all areas of publishing, without any breaks or standstill. New musical ideas were implemented, a homepage was developed and continuously optimized, titles for the YouTube channel were recorded, new contacts were made, existing contacts were maintained, print catalogs were created, music exhibitions were organized, feedback was received, etc. We have always been on the move for our instrument the accordion all these years and are pleased to be able to offer you an extremely diverse publishing program today.

Focus on accordion music

We have achieved the greatest level of awareness and an outstanding market position through our sheet music editions for accordion. Accordion music in all its facets and in the instrumentations accordion solo, accordion duo, accordion trio, accordion ensemble, accordion orchestra, accordion and other instruments form the focus of our publishing work. In the course of time, sheet music editions for piano, keyboard, guitar, melodica and Styrian harmonica have also found their way into our publishing program. These are a welcome addition to our range of sheet music.


Our YouTube channel, which opened in 2013, has now grown to over 1000 recorded titles and is enjoying growing popularity. In many sheet music editions you will find a QR code in the imprint/content. If you scan this QR code with your smartphone, you can listen to all the titles in the magazine. This outstanding service from us for you is free of charge. With us you will receive a music booklet plus recording, but only pay for the music book! The feedback from our customers on the YouTube channel is positive through the bank. We are further appreciated by the fact that most of them are well aware of the time required on our part behind this service.

Lots of titles played and positive feedback

It gives us confirmation and further drive when we learn where our titles are played and performed everywhere. We receive consistently positive feedback, which confirms our ability to continue on our chosen path. Despite a lot of friendly feedback, the tips and suggestions are particularly close to our hearts. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all colleagues and customers for the valuable dialogue, which is very important to us.

2014 Founding year of EDITION AVANTUS

Contemporary music needs its own appearance in its external presentation, which is why we founded EDITION AVANTUS in 2014, which is a sister publisher to VERLAG PURZELBAUM. Among www.edition-avantus.de, we mainly release e-music (serious music), i.e. concert and contemporary music mainly with melody bass in the highest degree of difficulty.

2017 new homepage www.akkordeonschule.de

At the same time as the publication of our three-volume AKKORDEONSCHULE, the supplement series AKKORDEON AKTIV and the workbook "Learning to read music – child's play", our homepage was launched www.akkordeonschule.de. There you will find comprehensive information about the ACCORDION SCHOOL and can get an idea of what other accordion teachers have to say about our ACCORDION SCHOOL in our blog.


We would like to accompany the crowd of accordion players in their hobby with motivating, good-sounding, cheap, educational and entertaining sheet music editions around the accordion playing, that is the central goal of our work. Therefore, future projects will focus on these points, because first of all the own progress on the instrument is important, as they form the essential basis for any further musical activity, be it alone, in duo, trio, ensemble, orchestra or in interaction with other instruments.

Online shop heavily frequented

Most customer orders reach us via the online shop. Through our clear and concisely structured homepage, we enable customers to find their way around quickly. Numerous aids on the respective product page such as the presentation of the degree of difficulty, music examples, description and audio samples offer you various ways in which you can get a quick overview before buying a music book.

Telephone orders and administration

The friendly voice on the phone is Rita Furtner, the wife of Alexander Jekic. She accepts all telephone and Internet orders, writes invoices and dispatches the ordered sheet music. In addition, the Excel expert creates files for the annual author's statements, ensures correct accounting and, after many years of professional experience at international companies in Munich, is also responsible for English correspondence. She “feeds” the homepage whenever new sheet music editions appear.

Sheet music exhibition

Every year we are on the road when it comes to the sheet music exhibition. We are pleased to take this opportunity to get to know our customers personally, to win new customers and to have a "chat" with dear colleagues. It is important to us to show presence on site, usually this happens at an accordion competition. To be able to leaf through our grade editions is sooner or later a pleasant change for the teachers and their students with all the competition excitement.