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Brazilian Rhythm

Sheet music titles

  • Petite Baião
  • De St. Pete a Buenos Aires
  • Flor do Sertão
  • Choro de São Martinho
  • Festa na roça
  • Flor de Maraca
  • Sanfona Forrozeira
  • Chora não!
  • Caboclinho Lindo
  • Era uma vez no Rio

Product details


Order no.: 40083
ISMN: 979-0-50246-310-6
Composeren: Alex de Almeida, Pier Paolo Bertoli
Year of publication: 2020


The heart of Brazilians beats not only for football, samba and caipirinha - the accordion is one of the most important instruments of Brazil and is played from the north to the south of the country.

"Brazilian Rhythm" by Alex de Almeida and Pier Paolo Bertoli is a unique sheet music edition for accordion with a stylistic variety that includes Brazilian rhythms such as Baião, Forró, Xote, Choro, Arrasta-pé and Bossa Nova.

The sheet music promises a wonderful musical journey through the Brazilian genres mentioned above and places the playful emphasis on rhythmic and polyrhythmic skills, which all modern accordionists interested in rhythmic music should develop.


With the titles from "Brazilian Rhythm" a modern accordion playing style is promoted and enormous joy of playing is awakened, which will certainly awaken the enthusiasm of the listeners.

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