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Balkan Collection Vol 3

Sheet music titles

  • Prelaz Kolo
  • Oj golube, moi golube
  • Je?am žnjela, Kosovka devojka
  • ?arlama
  • Ajde Kato
  • Simbil cve?e
  • ?a?ak Nr. 1
  • Aj berem groždje
  • Sino? kad je pao mrak
  • Zapevala sojka ptica
  • ?a?ak Nr. 2
  • Ajde Jano


Balkan Collection Vol 3

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Order no.: 40833
ISMN: 979-0-50246-255-0
Composer: Traditionals
Editor: Goran Kovačević
Year of publication: 2015


Balkan Collection is a selection of songs and dances with a focus on Southeast Europe. The arrangements of this traditional music are for accordion in the light to medium range and extend over four volumes.

Prof. Goran Kova?evi? was very keen to write stimulating playbooks that guide the player around the Balkans with many small pieces. At the same time, they should be systematically structured playbooks, which are suitable both as a supplement for work in the classroom and for self-study.

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