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Sound Mix


Sound Mix

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Order no.: 40092
ISMN: 979-0-50246-204-8
Composer: Karlheinz Krupp
Year of publication: 2007


5 pieces for accordion and alto-saxophone - the duett of accordion and saxophon - with the first bars you notice that the timbres of both instruments fit perfectly. That is no surprise because if you look into the details you will notice that the accordion and the saxophone have something in common. Both instruments were 'born' in the middle of the 19th century while the development of the classical orchestra instruments was already finalised. The accordion is made of wood and the saxophone is categorised in the genre woodwind instrument. For both instruments you need air for producing the sound. Both instruments started their career in the popular music due to their versatility. The pieces in this music sheet are arranged in the popular style. If you want to increase the effect you can play it as a trio with drums. Let's swing!


Akkordeon, Saxophon

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