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10 pieces for Accordion & Guitar

Sheet music titles

  • Golden Hours
  • An old Story
  • On Holiday
  • Telling a Story
  • From the dark Ages
  • Do you like this Blues?
  • To watch the Ballet Performance
  • The little Synkopes
  • Dash of Sadness
  • Surfing on a Wave


10 pieces for Accordion & Guitar

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Order no.: 41201
ISMN: 979-0-50246-214-7
Composer: Daniel Elias Brrenner
Year of publication: 2013


These pieces were especially written for music education and performances in music schools. They should encourage the interaction of accordion and guitar students. The composer took care to include subtantive and pleasant melodies. This should motivate the students to maintain the enthusiam even after playing it frequently. Every single piece has a special character, tempi and difficulties. Experience in enunciation and rhythm is assumed. Both instruments are on a par.


Akkordeon, Gitarre

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